Dad & Me

I won’t be able to go see dad again until Thursday.  Life is getting in the way and, while it’s stuff I’m enjoying, I can’t help but think about him being alone in the home.  How do people do this kind of thing and not lose their mind?  All I keep hearing is “make sure you take care of yourself, too!” but when your dad is slowly forgetting everything, including you, how do you think about anything but that?

If I was indipendently wealthy I’d buy a house and he’d live with me.  But this is the way things are – no use living in a fantasy world.

I’m reading a book called Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s by Joanne Koenig Coste which I highly recommend.  It talks about creating an environment for people with Alzheimer’s to thrive in.  Instead of correcting them about anything they might get wrong it suggests living in their world with them.  They’re going to get worse no matter what.  Why not let them be happy even if they think it’s 1952?

I’m also in the process of putting together a huge photo album for dad with childhood pictures.  It’s really a fun process because both of my parents were amazing photographers.  The book says any sort of repitition is good for Alzheimer’s patients so, once the book is done, every time my sister or I go there we will start our visit by looking through the book.  I always make sure to put some of his favorite music on, too.  Van Morrison, Willie, The Beatles – all the best for daddio.

But for now it’s back to living my life and doing my best to enjoy it!

Have a great day!!



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